Sunday, October 28, 2012

When Life Gives You Nettles

Make nettle soup. If you are not familiar with a nettles its a flowering plant that has stinging hairs that you would try to avoid for obvious reasons. My main objective was envisioned back when I first saw photos of the Weekender was to do portraits with a analog medium format camera in front of a white backdrop.

Having a few complications trying to get a pretty large seamless backdrop I settled with bringing a white cloth background. This was also not meant to be though as the rig for the backdrop that I had borrowed from a buddy I found once getting to Hemsby that it didn't have crossbar. I felt as though I had been dropped in a sea of nettles. While trying to figure out a solution I was told that the holiday site had a white projector so I ran with it effectively making my nettle soup.

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