Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Old Touristy City With a Old Touristy Camera

As I have mentioned before sometimes having a camera can be a determent because you feel like you have to be shooting all the time therefore depending on where you are it could have the possibility of taking away from the experience of said place. You see this a fair amount when your in a touristy city. Tourists walking around with a camcorder up looking at each site essentially through a screen to make sure the memory stays alive even if that memory was experienced for that purpose alone than the original purpose of experiencing a place.

Even not playing the act of tourist with a camera to create memories and proof of being somewhere still feel like if I bring a camera with me I need to constantly to create which similar to the tourist can take away from the experience. So instead I didn't bring a single camera with me and bought a disposable camera during the Rome portion of the trip to see how much it would change how I shot with the limited internal film.

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