Monday, May 14, 2012

For the Love of Sport

  Fans at Blue Anchor Pub celebrate a last second goal in stoppage time by Manchester City to defeat QPR 3-2 and secure the Premier League Championship, May 14th, 2012. It is Manchester City's first league title in 44 years.

A lot of times photos really can't show emotions, only the idea of the feeling. I decided to go back to the dungeon that is the Blue Anchor Pub for Manchester City's final and deceive match of the season against QPR. It was pretty simple for Man City, win and the championship is yours. Tie or lose and hope that Manchester United do the same or the latter.

 I said in the previous post when I covered Man City playing Man United that I preferred tears over cheers because they are more compelling but nothing is more compelling and interesting as getting a full spectrum of emotions . From being optimistic up 1-0 going into the second half to absolute despair within almost a blink of an eye down 2-1 to madness scoring 2 goals in injury time to win the championship.

 I felt one image doesn't give justice to the emotion that was worn on the sleeve of every fan in that pub. Even with the series on here that shows a chronicle of an hour and a half emotion doesn't do it justice either.

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