Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Enviormental Detail

Many street photographers especially the heavy hitters of street photographers passed (Winogrand, Levitt, Gilden, Cartier-Bresson, and Friedlander) minus Eggleston mainly focus on people and why not there are many people on street approx 7 billion of us all visually interesting  just waiting to be photographed . For some reason though I don't. I have never been interested in people when I walk around the street. I have tried to be a "people" street photographer when I put the street photographer hat on but whenever go with my Diana (here, here, here, and here), with a camera phone here or my analog 35mm seen on this post and A Little Randomness post my eye just doesn't gravitate towards people. I have a fascination with the details on the street around its environment. Elements that people have put in the environment that reflect back on society where space, environment, nature and the human footprint converge. As I continue my 'Tube Identities (title really pending) I will also continue to go walk around London with my analog camera to see what I come across sans people.

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