Friday, June 10, 2011

Diana in May

I came into the photography game late. Not in my life per say but due to be being fairly young, I came in when digital came full circle where you can have cameras with ridiculous ISO sensitivities, 51 point 3D-tracking auto focus, shutter bursts of 10 per second, auto everything if you want it to be, and a big old screen in the back of the camera that lets see you what you shot just as fast as you shot it. All these things aren't bad, if anything some of those tools helped me focus on other aspects of photography that ultimately made me a better photographer faster but digital photography essentially has given the photographer the ability to be flawless and is missing a fundamental fun factor that I enjoyed in basic photo classes when I was doing analog.....uncertainty. The uncertainty of not knowing what you will get through the whole process of shooting film. For a while I have wanted to shoot a couple of rolls of film a month to play with the idea of uncertainty and a different photography format with street photography but didn't feel like my 35mm f2 wouldn't give the idea justice so I decided to take the uncertainty to a whole new level by buying a Diana toy camera that gives you no control and you really never know what you will get from light leaks to soft focus. With that here is Diana in May.

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