Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One for Charlito

U.S goaltender Jessie Vetter cringes after making a save with her face-mask against team Canada. Canada would go on to win the game 4-2 on Dec 12, 2009 in Denver, CO

In the beginning of December I got the most exciting email I have gotten thus far in my short photography career asking if I was available to shoot a game between the U.S women's national hockey team against Canada's national team as part of the Qwest 2009 Tour. Fast forward ten days later at Leelas a cafe in downtown Denver where my roommate goes to a meet up for Drink and Draw a weekly meet up of local artists and writers. Since I know most of the people that go to the D+D I usually also go to work on whatever I may have to work on.

This particular week Charlie LaGreca a.k.a Charlito a comic book artist and co host of a podcast called Indie Spinner Rack was taping a Christmas episode. In the middle of taping Charlito plugged me and asked if I had shot anything interesting recently and I mentioned the women's game. He instantly responds asking me like many others if any of the girls were pretty and that I should put a picture from the game on my site. Since I was in the middle of getting my new website up and losing my blog I hadn't but was planning on it which now I finally got the chance to do.

The game itself even though not the best game I have ever shot was a great experience and was nice to get a (freelance-ish) paying gig. Hopefully the trend will continue into 2010.

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